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obfuscator for powerbuilder and powerbuilder protect
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If you are looking for any application that can help Powerbuilder to encrypt the entire codes that are generated for developing business applications, then all you want is Obfuscator for Powerbuilder 2010.05.4. Obfuscator for Powerbuilder is a brilliant utility that can assist in efficiently encrypt the codes or make them confusing for any intruder who want to breach the system. Working with it is so simple that it’s a matter of time that you perform the job with it. Interface of this tool looks very simple and highly innate that will easily enable you to carry out the operation with utmost ease.

Just by clicking the ‘Load button’ you can easily load whatever file or codes you want to. You can manually select them or select the entire files by clicking the check box select all. And encrypt them just by clicking the button ‘Confuse’. Coming to the features of this product there are ample of them that enhances its performance of highest level. Obfuscator for Powerbuilder easily decompiles all the documents released by Powerbuilder for different kinds of setup files like .exe, .dll, .pbd, etc. It can conveniently confuse all the codes written and removes parts of texts. It not just only assists in confusing codes but also lends a helping hand in recovering the important documents that gets lost. More over it supports all search keywords and also aids in fast searching of objects. Inheritance analysis methods together with global properties of objects are well supported by it.

Obfuscator for Powerbuilder supports a total of 11 different version of Powerbuilder making it very flexible utility. You can use the demo version and get familiar with all the different features and functionality it offers. Added to that you get an online technical supports for any query you face. We rate it with a score of 4 on a scale of 5.

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powerbuilder pbd obfuscator 2010.05.4
pbobfuscator v2010.05.4
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Powerbuilder pbd format for the confusion
Supported versions: pkb2.5; pb5-12
1. Remove the part of the text
2. Confusing code
3. Logic Trap
4. Support the more popular version
5. Random changes in the way
6. Disturbing objects, disrupting the function
Confuse the issue of documents compiled without any change in the source code.
So the operation is very simple.
Built-in scalable confused way, and add a lot of random factors, led to anti-compiler can not find a fixed reverse mode.
According to anti-compiler-dependent, forgery and falsification of the object function to prevent the destruction of anti-compiled to better protect your program.
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Obfuscator for Powerbuilder
Obfuscator for Powerbuilder
Version 2010.05.4
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